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Petals BF

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Designed by John Bomparte and Dave West, Petals BF is a art nouveau and display serif font published by Bomparte’s Fonts.

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Ooh so soft, so curvaceous, so voluptuous and so swash-buckling. Hey, I’m talking ’bout Petals BF! Here’s a design inspired by the work of Dave West and infused with a plethora of pleasingly plump letterforms, with swashes reminiscent of 60s and 70s types. But here’s the twist: where you might typically expect to find ball terminals, you’ll experience some sensuous curls; and some playful letterforms such as lowercase h, k, m, and n, may even call to mind that groovy look of ’60s bell-bottoms. Spread across its capitals and lowercase are swash variants for beginning, middle and ending letterforms —candy for your eyes.

Petals BF is where Didone style happily marries the organic and curvaceous forms of Art Nouveau. Strange I know, but so is a duckbill platypus —and somehow they all seem to work surprisingly well.

Among the many typographic niceties you’ll discover, are such Opentype features as Contextual and Stylistic alternates, Ligatures, Case-sensitive forms and Fractions. Please note: these magical features demand the use of opentype-savvy applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress and etc.

Petals BF is multilingual, and speaks the languages of Western, Eastern and Central Europe, in addition to Turkish and Baltic. It gets around.

So let your creativity blossom with Petals in projects that involve headlines, magazine layouts, product packaging, logos, signage, branding and etc., just to name a few.

Foundry Bomparte’s Fonts
Price $39.00
Styles Art Nouveau, Display Serif
Designers John Bomparte, Dave West
Licenses Desktop
Web Font