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Bw Seido Round

Designed by Alberto Romanos, Bw Seido Round is a sans serif font family. This typeface has twelve styles and was published by Branding With Type.

Designed by Alberto Romanos, Bw Seido Round is a semi condensed typeface with rounded corners striking a gentle balance between minimal strict geometry and typographic refinement, conveying a subtle industrial yet friendly feel. It consist of 12 styles (6 uprights + 6 matching obliques) supporting all European Latin languages.

The design started heavily Influenced by the systematic principles behind the original German DIN 1451, with its clean, minimal shapes and rigid geometric feel: Both the lowercase and the uppercase have their own horizontal waistline running through all the characters, reinforcing the engineered feel and focusing the rhythm on its vertical pace.

Beyond the very obvious rounded corners and terminals, which are instantly softening the feel and positioning it on the friendly side, Bw Seido Round presents a series of subtle typographic adjustments elevating the design while staying invisible: The monoline look is achieved seamlessly thanks to the subtle modulation and the corrections at the joins; the tall x-height married with the open counters and the unambiguous shapes make it a very legible font,... All these ingredients play a balancing game with the crude geometry by adding the right doses of warmth into the industrial feel.

The resulting combination is a very functional type family suited for carrying the weight of a contemporary brand’s visual identity. Its tabular figures feature includes currency symbols and punctuation, making it a great candidate for information design and annual reports. Bw Seido Round is equally confortable in print as it is in digital environments, thanks to the additional symbols and arrows included matching each weight. Other OpenType features included are stylistic alternates, slashed zero, fractions, case sensitive and localised forms.

Foundry Branding With Type
Fonts 12
Released 2018
Style Sans Serif
Designer Alberto Romanos

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