Minnesota Plaid

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Designed by Harry Warren, Minnesota Plaid is a display slab font published by Breauhare Fonts.


Minnesota Plaid Regular


Minnesota Plaid is the baddest plaid ever!  It may not be the choice pattern for golfers’ slacks or bagpipers’ kilts, but it has a City-like flavor with its own twist, a stylish ruggedness & toughness that could even be described as a sort of formal graffiti, thanks to the art deco swash of many of its strokes.

It’s the kind of look that would be perfectly at home with hip hop or rap music, football and other sports, cars and trucks, power tools, and other manly, masculine usages.  Of course, women are just as capable of having the aforementioned interests, too.  Minnesota Plaid is the kind of font that can get stuck on you! 

This font was digitized by John Bomparte.

Foundry Breauhare Fonts
Price $35.00
Fontspring Debut2016
Style Display Slab
Designer Harry Warren
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad