Neon Bugler

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Designed by Harry Warren, Neon Bugler is a novelty and retro font published by Breauhare Fonts.


Neon Bugler Regular


Neon Bugler is a font based on the third logo created by Harry Warren in early 1975 for his sixth grade class newsletter, The Broadwater Bugler, at Broadwater Academy in Exmore, Virginia, on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

This font design has these principles as its parameters:  The letters generally follow what would be natural stroke directions; no sharp corners, all gentle turns; no lines back up over each other, cross each other, or run into each other.  All of this civility between the lines produces an unintentional but welcome neon quality about it.

This font can have a variety of vibes depending on its context—it has a certain nostalgia to it, yet it also has a slick, clean, futuristic look.  It can even be used in a semi-grunge setting.  This is a very versatile font!

This font was digitized by John Bomparte.

Foundry Breauhare Fonts
Price $35.00
Fontspring Debut2016
Styles Novelty, Retro
Designer Harry Warren
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad

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