Istanbul Type Variable

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Designed by Bülent Yüksel, Istanbul Type Variable is a display sans font family published by Bülent Yüksel.


“Istanbul Type Variable” has a modern streak which is the result of a harmonization of width and height especially in the lowercase letters to support legibility.

“Istanbul City” has the modernity of the west and the orientalist texture of the east as the city that unites the Asian and European continents. “Istanbul Type Variable” also includes these features. It is a unique character that reflects the spirit of “Istanbul City”. Many letter alternatives prepared with care have been created for all letters. You can make dozens of combinations from a word using these alternative letters.

“Istanbul Type Variable” is an effective set for creating identities for branding, posters, book covers, headlines, logotypes, restaurants, menu cards, wedding invitations and so on.

“Istanbul TypeVariable ” provides advanced typographical support for Latin-based languages. An extended character set, supporting Central, Western and Eastern European languages, rounds up the family.

The designation “Istanbul Type Variable 500 Regular” forms the central point. The first figure of the number describes the stroke thickness: 100 Thin to 900 Bold. “Istanbul Type Variable” 5 weights and italics total 10 types. The family contains a set of 2.200+ characters.

Case-Sensitive Forms, Classes and Features, Fractions, Superior, Inferior, Denominator, Numerator, Old Style Figures just one touch easy In all graphic programs.

You might have a crush on this typeface :)

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Enjoy using it.

Foundry Bülent Yüksel
Price $69.00
ReleasedApril 22, 2022
Style Display Sans
Designer Bülent Yüksel
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad