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Yasemin is a script font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Bülent Yüksel.

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My wife’s name is Yasemin. After building this type face, I wanted to honor it with my wife’s name. I think it fully reflects the character I had in mind. I needed such a character and tried to create ornaments connected to the glyphs. I hope you enjoy this type face!

Yasemin is an OpenType font that contains 1045 glyphs, ligatures, alternates, startings, endings, a wide range of latin languages and a set of ornaments. It also contains words specially designed to use in advertising slogan, stationery for weddings, birthdays, etc.

Try using Yasemin at a 20º angle so that the slanted strokes and ornaments become perfectly vertical. Having the decorative ligatures feature (dlig) activated is a good option to see letters dance.

It is recommended to use this font with the standard ligatures feature (liga) activated. It makes letters ligate perfectly and also improves the space between words.

Foundry Bülent Yüksel
Price $24.00
Style Script
Licenses Desktop
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