Happy is a hand drawn font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Canada Type.


Happy Regular


Happy Italic


Happy Bold


Happy Bold Italic


Happy is what happy does, as they say.

Well, this font is very happy, and does a lot to prove it. Its letters jump for joy, bounce with excitement, roll with pleasure, greet you with a party mood, and leave you with a smile.

Happy is the digital version of one the most whimsical takes on typewriters ever made, an early 1970s Tony Stan film type called Ap-Ap (as in “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands, Ap-Ap”, but we may be imagining things). Some of the original characters were replaced with more fitting ones, but the original ones are still accessible as alternates within the font. We also made italics and bolds to make you Happy-er.

This font is the equivalent of someone’s attempt to draw the letters of a typewriter with a round ball pen, and with complete disregard to standard type rules such as baseline, stroke width, serif uniformity, etc. The result is a unique feel-good font that can’t help but make its readers smile.

Happy is an excellent choice for children’s books, retro design, greeting cards and invitations, posters, party flyers, short comic strips, or that silly garage sale sheet you’re going to tape on every pole in the neighborhood.

So, if you’re Happy and you know it, clap your hands… and try this font!

Foundry Canada Type
Price $25.00
Style Hand Drawn
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad