Hunter is a script font published by Canada Type.


Hunter Regular


Many of the fonts available from Canada Type are revivals of historic brush scripts (such as Bruschetta, Coffee Script, Puma, Tiger Script). Hunter is a deserved addition to the collection.

Imre Reiner’s Mustang design from 1956 now enters the digital realm to continue living in this world of new typography.

Hunter has a wilder streak than other brush scripts. Its irregular terminals give it an almost wooden appearance and a most natural, hand-made expression. This natural look was extended by the expansion of the original design and the addition of some alternates and ligatures, built within the font and easily accessible from any program’s glyph palette.

Hunter was also slightly modified to accommodate not only sentence- and lowercase-setting, but also all-capital setting, which is a flexibility hardly ever found in most brush scripts.

So if you have been looking for a natural, quirky brush script for your designs, Hunter is your type!

Foundry Canada Type
Price $25.00
Style Script
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad