Mullen Hand

Mullen Hand is a brush script font published by Canada Type.


Mullen Hand Regular


Mullen Hand is the fresh digitization and expansion of a Jerry Mullen metal typeface called Repro, originally published by ATF in 1953.

The connectivity of certain letters in the original type was limited by metal technology, but this new digital version is updated to resolve those issues with. Two- and three-letter ligatures take care of the r, s, x and z connections. These ligatures are programmed in the ‘liga’ feature of the OpenType version, so they automatically activate in programs that support advanced typography.

Casual, tall, and elegantly friendly, Mullen Hand’s even strokes and confident connections embody the spirit of contentedness and reassurance sought by today’s appeal designer. It accommodates a variety of applications, from posters and signs, to book and music covers and product packaging.

Mullen Hand comes in all popular formats. The TrueType and PostScript versions come with 2 fonts, one of them containing the ligatures and some alternates. The OpenType version combines both fonts into one, and includes programmed features for localization, alternation and intelligent substitution. Language support includes Western, Central and Eastern European character sets, as well as Baltic, Esperanto, Maltese, Turkish, and Celtic/Welsh languages.