CA SpyRoyal

CA SpyRoyal is a retro font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Cape Arcona Type Foundry.


CA SpyRoyal Regular


CA SpyRoyal ShadowFill


CA SpyRoyal Shadow


CA SpyRoyal ShadowRaw


CA SpyRoyal Line


CA SpyRoyal Line Bold


Spy Royal is a junction-less script typeface and comes in 6 styles. It’s a hybrid between script and so called streamline fonts. The origins are based on an advertising by Japan Airlines, dated around 1954, offering flights to San Francisco, Honolulu and Okinawa in the new DC-6B “Pacific Courier” airplane. Only the letters for the words “JAPAN AIR LINES” were used, so that the creative part was to reimagine a full font out of just a handful of uppercase letters.

Originally released in 2004, Spy Royal was now undergoing a major rework and is now republished with additional styles like shadow-lines and 3D-shadow.
Its charm is manifold, we think everything related to cars, racing, hot rod, vintage, cocktails, retro, restaurants, gasoline and of course airlines will look great in Spy Royal.

Spy Royal includes alternate characters, ligatures and West European diacritics.

The full family includes 6 Styles:
Shadow Line
Shadow Line Bold (for use in smaller font sizes)
Shadow (3D Shadow)
Shadow Fill (Fill for the 3D Shadow)
Shadow Raw (same as Shadow but slightly rough)

Foundry Cape Arcona Type Foundry
Price $29.00
Style Retro
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad