Nasir Udin


Nasir Udin is an independent type designer based in Yogyakarta. Passionate in vintage stuff and emerging technologies as well.


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Before he got into type design, he had designed travel posters under the Vectro label. His illustrative style is an impression of similar posters from the mid 20th century. As a designer, He enjoy looking to both the past and the future for inspiration. That's why he love to blend a retro style with a futuristic concept.
He started type design on 2016 as his side project, before he take it seriously. And now, since his wife join in the project, they merged two layers as one. They used to work from coffee shop here in Yogyakarta. They can spend about most of their working-time in there.

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Nasir Udin

Type Designer

Haidi Shabrina

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