Mantinia CC

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Designed by Matthew Carter, Mantinia CC is a display serif font family published by Carter & Cone.


Mantinia CC Regular


For Mantinia’s design, Matthew Carter examined the work of Andrea Mantegna. This artist of the Italian Renaissance was one of the first people to study the monumental lettering of imperial Rome, reviving it in his painted and carved lettering. Paying homage to its inscriptional roots, Carter outfitted Mantinia with several surprising ligatures and a few tall capitals. The face also includes two full complements of small capitals—one set sits on the baseline, the other consists of raised versions—that can be tucked underneath the arms or above the legs of neighboring letters.

Foundry Carter & Cone
Price $29.00
Fontspring DebutMay 10, 2022
Style Display Serif
Designer Matthew Carter
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad