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Kremlin Pro is a display and foreign font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by CheapProFonts.

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Most uppercase letters of these constructivist fonts are made to look like cyrillic letters, so by carefully interspersing those you can set your text and headlines with it and make it look russian! To a native russian this of course looks very silly indeed, so to make amends for toying with their letters I have also included a full proper and genuine cyrillic character set. So these are the first CheapProFonts fonts to support languages using the cyrillic script in addition to the usual 65 latin-based languages.

Check out Kremlin II Pro for a version with different designs for these glyphs: ¡ ¿ 0 3 6 9 K k M m N n R r V v X x ? !

Foundry CheapProFonts
Price $10.00
Styles Display, Foreign
Licenses Desktop
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