Forked Tongue

Designed by John Roshell, Forked Tongue is a comic and grunge font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Comicraft.


Forked Tongue Regular


Forked Tongue Italic


Forked Tongue Bold


Forked Tongue Bold Italic


Are you Troubled by Ghostly Voices in the night? Do you hear the Terrifying Tones of Demons and Ghouls in your Attic or Cellar? Have you or any of your family spoken with “Forked Tongue?” Well, talk of the devil, Forked Tongue happens to be the latest offering brought to you buy our courteous and efficient staff this month (now on call twenty-four hours a day to serve all your supernatural lettering needs). If it Sounds Spooky, it most probably speaks with Forked Tongue, and now you can too, for just $49 an incantation! Oh, but if you really have got ghosts or poltergeists, well, um, we don’t know who you gonna call.

Four weights (Regular, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic) with upper and lower case alphabets. Includes Western and Central European international characters.

Foundry Comicraft
Price $19.00
Styles Comic, Grunge
Designer John Roshell
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad