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Having dutifully lettered thousands of comic books, Comicraft's Fearless Fonts save the day in video games, TV shows, movie titles and wherever fun, lively fonts are needed!

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Hero Sandwich  |  5 Styles starting at $19.00
You Blockhead  |  4 Styles starting at $19.00
Absolutely Fabulous  |  3 Styles starting at $19.00

The World's Greatest Comic Book Fonts! In 1992, the Dynamic Duo of Richard Starkings and John Roshell, and their Fearless Fleet of Font Finaglers, began providing unique design and fine lettering to the comic book, TV and video game industries, and have become known for pioneering the use of the computer in the art of comic book lettering. Trapped in a world they never made, Comicraft's Fearless Fonts will come to the rescue in the nick of time!

Comicraft Associates

Richard Starkings

President & First Tiger

John Roshell

Mad Scientist

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Empire State Deco  |  4 Styles starting at $19.00
Glitter Girl  |  4 Styles starting at $19.00
Dash Decent  |  6 Styles starting at $19.00
Fancy Pants  |  2 Styles starting at $19.00

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Dash To School  |  9 Styles starting at $19.00
Golem  |  4 Styles starting at $29.00
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Pleasure Point  |  1 Style starting at $39.00