Rama Slab C

Rama Slab C is a display slab font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Dharma Type.


Rama Slab C Thin


Rama Slab C Light


Rama Slab C Regular


Rama Slab C SemiBold


Rama Slab C Bold


Rama Slab C Heavy


Rama Slab is an antiqued slab serif designed inspired by 1800s-style wood type.

The all glyphs had been designed carefully to be retro-looking of the old time and to fill all with nostalgia.

This condensed font family with 18 styles will be the best solution for posters, titles and anywhere you need impact.

To complete your work perfectly, Gothic Extras family is ready for free. They include borders, ornaments and frames designed using vintage catalog of Hamilton in 1800s as a model.

Incidentally, -r- has its alternative glyph that can be used with OpenType salt feature.

Be sure to check out the sans serif style of this Rama series named Rama Gothic.

There are 2 sibling-families of the families shown on this page that you may be interested in.