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Bali Script is a brush script font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Schizotype Fonts.


Bali Script Regular

Only available in a collection.

Bali Script Highlight

Only available in a collection.

Inspired by the Indonesian island’s laid back feel and easy going culture, Bali Script is a tribute to the hand-lettered signage on beach bars, surf shacks and cafes. The swell of the stroke endings and the bolder-than-your-average gooey look convey a cool, contemporary take on baseball scripts. Overlay Bali Script Highlight for a cartoonish, glossy finish. Perfect for logos.

This font is jam-packed with OpenType features that make smooth flowing text a doddle. Contextual alternates and ligatures are best left on by default. The alternates especially work a subtle magic that helps letters connect with an even rhythm, and automatically substitutes letters with the best fit alternatives based on their context, such as at the end of words, or adjacent to certain other letters.

There are four stylistic sets (or all grouped together in the stylistic alternates feature for those without easy access to them) which do the following:
SS01 - changes the r to a script form
SS02 - makes certain caps more ‘scripty’
SS03 - capital I (and accented versions of it) get serifs
SS04 - underline function. typing two or more underscores extends on underline beneath the previous word.

Also included for your pleasure - oldstyle figures, automatic fractions, superior and inferior numbers, ordinals, some discretionary ligatures, swash alternates and extended language support.

Foundry Eclectotype Fonts
Price $40.00
Style Brush Script
Licenses Desktop
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