Range Serif

Range Serif is a serif font family. This typeface has ten styles and was published by Schizotype Fonts.


Range Serif Light

$36.00 $25.20

Range Serif Light Italic

$36.00 $25.20

Range Serif Regular

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Range Serif Italic

$36.00 $25.20

Range Serif Medium

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Range Serif Medium Italic

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Range Serif Bold

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Range Serif Bold Italic

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Range Serif Black

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Range Serif Black Italic

$36.00 $25.20

Range Serif is a sharp, contemporary, wedge serif typeface with just a hint of fraktur influence. There are five weights from light to black, each with corresponding italics.

This is a typeface designed for demanding typographic work; it’s legible at small sizes, but unique at display sizes. There is an abundance of OpenType features in each font, including:

Ligatures - all fonts contain standard f-ligatures.
Contextual Alternates - Range Serif has been carefully designed to not ‘need’ ligatures. If you choose to deactivate them, the contextual alternates feature will make sure an alternative f is used before certain letters to avoid clashing.

Fractions - When activated, numbers separated by a slash will automagically turn into fractions.

Numerals - There are many different figure sets. These are Proportional Lining, Tabular Lining, Proportional Oldstyle, Tabular Oldstyle, Superiors and Scientific Inferiors. A slashed zero feature is also included.

Small Caps - All styles include small caps, for both small caps and capitals to small caps functions.

Ornaments - For convenience, the arrows are grouped in the ornaments feature.

Case Sensitive Forms - There are different punctuation and bracket glyphs for all caps usage.

Stylistic Alternates / SS01 - The italic fonts contain alternates for the letters A, K, R, U and X.

Range Serif is a versatile and fully-featured typeface, ideal for corporate identities, contemporary art catalogs, even t-shirt slogans. The language coverage is impressive (Latin Extended A is fully covered) so Range Serif should prove a useful text and display workhorse for speakers of many different tongues. The typeface includes an array of currency symbols, including the new symbols for Indian Rupee and Turkish Lira.

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Style Serif
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