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Revla Sans Text is a sans serif and display sans font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Schizotype Fonts.


Revla Sans Text Light


Revla Sans Text Regular


Revla Sans Text Bold


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Fun. Fun isn’t it? But sometimes you can have too much fun, and things can get out of hand. Revla Sans is, in certain situations, too much fun. So, without further ado, let me introduce the straight man to Revla Sans’s buffoon - Revla Sans Text.

It represents a complete overhaul of Revla Sans. The bounciness has been removed and details reined in, all for the purpose of optimizing the fonts for use in longer runs of text. ‘Text’ is perhaps a strong word here; you’re not going to be setting novels in this typeface. It still retains the charm of the original, and could well be used in display settings. Think of it like this - Revla Sans would be a great choice for the logo and branding of a board game, no? Revla Sans Text, then, would be good for setting the instructions, or body copy on the website.

Revla Sans Text is not as feature-rich as Revla Sans, and is priced accordingly. Enjoy!

Foundry Eclectotype Fonts
Price $30.00
Styles Display Sans, Sans Serif
Licenses Desktop
Web Font