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Designed by Dave Rowland, Revla Slab is a display slab font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Schizotype Fonts.


Revla Slab Light


Revla Slab Regular


Revla Slab Bold


Revla Slab Black


The Revla family just keeps expanding!

This is Revla Slab. It has the same exuberant charm as its sibling (Revla Sans and Revla Serif) with a touch more chunk. OpenType contextual alternates make for text that is lively and bouncy, without the monotony of obviously repeating letterforms.

It’s shamelessly fun, but pretty serious at the same time. The range of weights can be used to maintain an even colour across different sizes - use lighter weights for bigger sizes and vice versa. OpenType features include automatic fractions, ordinals, contextual alternates (which along with the pseudo-randomness, help maintain a nice tight fit with minimal glyph collisions), standard and discretionary ligatures (OK, only one discretionary ligature, but it’s a belter!), and case-sensitve forms.

Obviously, in sharing a common skeleton, it will work well with other members of the Revla Superfamily, particularly Revla Sans.

Foundry Eclectotype Fonts
Price $40.00
Style Display Slab
Designer Dave Rowland
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad

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