Velvet Berries

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Designed by Emily Spadoni, Velvet Berries is a modern calligraphy font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by Emily Spadoni.


Velvet Berries Regular

Only available in a collection.

Velvet Berries Combo 1

Only available in a collection.

Velvet Berries Combo 2

Only available in a collection.

Velvet Berries Left

Only available in a collection.

Velvet Berries Right

Only available in a collection.

Introducing Velvetberries! A modern spin on classic hand-lettered calligraphy. Warm inviting characters you’ll use through all seasons, weddings, showers, logos, holidays and more!

You’ll have so much fun creating your own hand-lettered text styles. The combinations of sweet swirly letters are endless.

And there’s a boatload more to see! Please see all the additional characters here.

Double Bonus!! 2 variations of “Left” and 2 variations of “Right” characters. Tons of common letter combos.

In total - 4 added files of additional decorative glyphs, many additional common letter combinations, and even the multi-lingual glyphs are all decorated. Use “Left” and “Right” to create your own decorated word styles. In total hundreds of swirly letter combinations, creating an authentic hand-made, hand-lettered style text. (Please click the link above)

It’s super easy to use. Just highlight the letter you want to change and choose Left or Right. Many of the alternates have swirls that dip below the baseline and will fit nicely in the middle of the words. too! ALT-files work the same way. Just highlight the letter and choose the alternate key from the file of choice.

Don’t have and alternate glyphs panel? No problem. I’ve added 2 alternate files of all the additional ligatures and common letter combinations to easily access all the extras on the keyboard. I even included a map!

Don’t forget to click the Link Above!

Foundry Emily Spadoni
Price $15.00
Style Modern Calligraphy
Designer Emily Spadoni
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad