Blood Orange

Designed by Emil Bertell, Blood Orange is a retro and serif font family published by Fenotype.


Blood Orange Regular

$25.00 $13.75

If you need to say something weighty, say it with Blood Orange.
Blood Orange is a hearty rounded serif font with an easygoing confidence and a delightful nostalgic feeling, without the dusty burden of actual fonts from the last century. Blood Orange works great as a logotype, in magazines, headlines, posters, advertising and packaging. It’s at its best in short sentences since it’s so bold, but can be used for a bit longer text passages too, with some spacing added.
As a product of modern era, Blood Orange is fully equipped with plenty of OpenType goodness: Contextual Alternates and Standard Ligatures do their usual trick in smoothing certain letter combinations, and they’re automatically on. In addition it has a wide range of Discretionary Ligatures, Stylistic, Swash and Titling Alternates that you can trigger on from OpenType controls in any OpenType savvy program, or manually select the suitable variations from the character window. Try these alternates for more eloquent designs, but remember to treat them like you would treat you would treat really strong spices: just a bit at a time. See the full range of the alternative glyphs on the specimen posters.

Foundry Fenotype
Price $13.75
ReleasedApril 5, 2022
Styles Retro, Serif
Designer Emil Karl Bertell
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad