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Designed by Emil Bertell, Gainsborough is a multiple classification font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Fenotype.


Gainsborough Pen Regular


Gainsborough Sans Regular


Gainsborough Serif Regular



Gainsborough - a clean-cut display pack.

Gainsborough is a display combo pack of three styles and extra swooshes. Gainsborough fonts are straightforward with characteristic clarity. All the three fonts are designed to play together. Gainsborough is very easy to use.

Gainsborough Pen is a clear script inspired by handwriting with pigment pen but polished clean to be legible and inviting. It’s equipped with Contextual Alternates and Standard Ligatures for smooth flow and connections between letters. In addition there’s Stylistic and Swash Alternates for standard characters.

Gainsborough Sans is a sturdy street-sans ready for action. It’s has zero contrast and angular geometric shapes. It’s great for bold headlines. Gainsborough Serif follows pretty much the same proportions but with the serifs and a little bit of contrast and round shapes.

Try combining Gainsborough Swooshes with Gainsborough Pen - type one character with Swooshes in the end of a word typed with Pen and you’ll have an ending swash reaching below the word. There’s different shapes and length swooshes + a couple of center balanced ornaments. 

Foundry Fenotype
Price $10.00
Styles Display, Display Sans, Display Serif, Script, Serif, Dingbat
Designer Emil Karl Bertell
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad