Papillon Script

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Designed by Emil Bertell and Teo Tuominen, Papillon Script is a script font published by Fenotype.

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Papillon Script is an eloquent pen script with large display capitals and small but legible lowercase letters. It’s ideal for logo, headline, brochure, model for a neon sign or any display use like that. Papillon Script is completely monolinear and it gives a clear but vivid impression of a hand writing style.

Papillon Script is equipped with following OpenType features:

• Standard Ligatures is automatically on and it adds variation and smoothness to typing. If a same letter repeats in the same word the latter will automatically change to an alternative version.
• Contextual Alternates is an optional feature that cuts the connection between letters every once in awhile.
• Titling Alternates changes the last character in every word into an ending Swash alternative.
• From Stylistic Set 1 you’ll find a set of 34 ornaments, strokes and arrows.
• Small Caps turns lowercase into a set of legible capital letters.

Foundry Fenotype
Price $30.00
Style Script
Designers Emil Karl Bertell, Teo Tuominen
Licenses Desktop
Web Font