Cloister Initials, GT

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Cloister Initials, GT is a monograms font published by FontHaus.



Cloister Initials™ have become FontHaus’s most popular decorative initials font since we began selling it in 1993. First released in 1919 for ATF, Goudy’s “Cloister Initials”, sometimes called Goudy Initials is recognized as “one of the most beautifully designed set of initials ever made”. We agree. Our digital revival is historically accurate because it was referenced from the actual ATF 144-point brass matrices acquired at the now legendary and final ATF auction in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1993. The exquisite design of each character inspire its use. Perfect for holiday invitations, elegant notepads, as drop caps or in period design. We’ve even sold these initials for use as company logos.

Foundry FontHaus
Price $29.00
Fontspring DebutAugust 18, 2021
Style Monograms
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