Raleigh Gothic Condensed

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Designed by Morris Fuller Benton, Raleigh Gothic Condensed is a display sans font published by FontHaus.



In 1932, the great American type designer, Morris Fuller Benton was busy directing the creative departments of ATF and designing type. Big on his plate during that period was the development of the Bank Gothic® family among other typefaces like Raleigh Gothic. Bank Gothic and Raleigh Gothic share some very similar design traits. The most obvious difference being the ultra condensed style of Raleigh Gothic. Although the Bank Gothic family was relaeased with a condensed, Raleigh Gothic could have originally been planned as an ultra condensed Bank Gothic but for reasons we can only speculate, the Ultra Condensed Bank became its own design. So, If you like Bank Gothic, you may also like Raleigh Gothic. Separated at birth? Fun to speculate.

Foundry FontHaus
Price $29.00
Fontspring DebutAugust 18, 2021
Style Display Sans
Designer Morris Fuller Benton
Licenses Desktop
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