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Old Thunder is a western and wood type font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by FontMesa.

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Old Thunder Black


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Old Thunder is a revival of an 1800’s Tuscan style font, we’ve expanded the original font to include a lowercase, an Open faced version, a very attractive Black face and last this set just wouldn’t be complete without a Fill font.

When you see the word Fill in a fonts name this describes its purpose which means the font is intended to be used for filling in the open space of its parent font or the Open faced shadowed version from that font family or group.

Some Fill fonts look as if they may be used as stand alone fonts but others simply do not look good used as a plain font. The Fill font for Old Thunder was designed to work as both a fill and a regular font, although when used as a regular font the letter spacing will appear a little wide. If needed the spacing can be adjusted in some applications font settings, check the help file in your application for further information on spacing.

You will need an application that allows layering of your fonts in order to take advantage of FontMesa Fill fonts.

Foundry FontMesa
Price $35.00
Styles Western, Wood Type
Licenses Desktop
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