WILD2 Klash

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WILD2 Klash is a display and kids font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Fontry West.


WILD2 Klash Regular

Only available in a collection.

WILD2 Klash Bold

Only available in a collection.

When I was doing t-shirt art, there was this popular “blade” font. It had no consistency of stroke, terminus, or even scale between characters. The client wanted it, loved it, but wanted it “fixed” so that it would read. Choose a font then fix it, what was the point? This was in 1994, so there weren’t a lot of fonts options available for the Windows OS. I certainly wasn’t able to offer an easy alternative. Rather than spend hours trying to fix that other font, I created Klash.
Klash is a loud and unruly display font. Bold calligraphic strokes and bladed serifs give it some interesting negative spaces. Klash works best when used without parental supervision. Smash it out of the format. Break it up, rotate letters, re-assemble and it Klashes.

Foundry Fontry West
Price $10.00
Styles Display, Kids
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
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