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Designed by Mohamad Dakak, Jali Arabic is a sans serif font family. This typeface has nine styles and was published by Foundry5.

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Jali is a humanist sans serif typeface particularly suited for wayfinding. Jali comes in versions that support Arabic, Greek, and Latin.

The name ‘Jali’ means clear in the Arabic language. The design of Jali reflects the ethos of its name. The combination of low-contrast strokes, ample counters, dots, and distinguishable marks make Jali a versatile typeface. With its humanistic voice and clear letterforms, Jali aims at offering a warm and efficient reading experience. Similar to other wayfinding type families, Jali is also well suited for demanding typographic environments.

Jali has received two renowned awards: TDC Certificate in Typographic Excellence and Granshan’s 1st Prize, Arabic & Latin Category in 2019.

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Foundry Foundry5
Price $32.00
ReleasedJune 1, 2021
Style Sans Serif
Designer Mohamad Dakak
Licenses Desktop
Web Font

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