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Cleveden is a art deco font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Greater Albion Typefounders.

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Cleveden was inspired by some lettering sighted on a neglected and somewhat tarnished brass plaque, affixed to an elderly office building.  The elegance and character (somehow playful and formal at the same time) of the letterforms shone through he tarnished state of the plaque.  As an aside the brass plaque in question was on the former business premises of a long established firm of accountants.  We suspect the ethics of that profession would preclude us identifying which one.  Our efforts to identify their engraver have proven unavailing.  Cleveden is a family of four typefaces, Regular, Bold, Capitals and Capitals Bold.  They are ideal for designs that call for distinctive formality and especially lend themselves to signage, certificates, and -dare it be said- engraved plaques!

Foundry Greater Albion Typefounders
Price $9.50
Style Art Deco
Licenses Desktop
Web Font