Malisia Script

Malisia Script is a script and modern calligraphy font published by Genesislab.


Malisia Script Regular


Introducing the latest font from Genesislab: Malisia Script. It features the modern hand scratched look. This font can be easily used because it contains many features: a complete set of letters (lower and uppercase), assorted punctuation, numbers, and multilingual support. The font also contains several ligatures and alternate Stylistic Sets for those of you who have software that is able to work OpenType (Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign).

Malisia Script is suitable for current market design developed. This font has is trendy, natural and gentle. With this font you can take advantage of the beauty of every moment. It is a wonderful way to highlight celebrations, because Malisia Script will befit purposes such as wedding invitations, parties, graduations, birthdays, gatherings, etc.