1689 Almanach

1689 Almanach is a dingbat and historical font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by GLC Foundry.


1689 Almanach Normal


1689 Almanach Italic


1689 Almanach Symbols


This family was created inspired from the eroded and tired fonts used by printers from the sixteen century to the early years of twentieth for cheap or fleeting works, like almanacs, adverts, gazettes or popular novels. This patern is partialy isued from a dirty Garamond used for print a small school booklet for children, in Dijon (France)circa 1689. There is two styles: Normal and Italic, with small caps and lower cases alternates added and a few fleurons from the same printers. It’s original cap’s hight is about seven millimeters. Decorated letters like “1512 Initials”,“1550 Arabesques”, “1565 Venetian” “1584 Rinceau” or others in progress from GLC Foundry, can be used with this family without anachronism.
We have added to the family a set of symbols frequently in use in the Almanacs and calendars in the same time.

Foundry GLC Foundry
Price $15.00
Styles Historical, Dingbat
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad