Noad Sans

Designed by Evgeny Tantsurin, Noad Sans is a display sans font family. This typeface has eight styles and was published by Groteskly Yours.


Noad Sans Variable

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Noad Sans Mini

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Noad Sans Mini Italic

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Noad Sans Regular

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Noad Sans Regular Italic

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Noad Sans Extra

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Noad Sans Extra Italic

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Noad Sans is an experimental sans serif typeface with a strong character and some very unique visual features. At the core of Noad Sans is a sturdy sans serif with closed apertures and fairly simple letterforms.

The defining feature of Noad Sans, however, is its visualised nodes: all control points of Bézier curves in each of the fonts in the family are intentionally visualised. The effect of this feature is largely defined by the usage: in titles and larger bodies of text, the visualised nodes stand out and create a rhythmic pattern of their own. In smaller sizes, the sans serif base of the font becomes more prominent and the nodes create a visual fuzz.

Noad Sans comes in 6 styles and as a Variable Font with two axes–Optical Size and Slant. The size of each node can be changed from the smallest (Mini and Mini Italic) to the largest (Extra and Extra Italic). Variable Font technology allows you to fine tune the size of the nodes and the slant angle, so that your version of Noad Sans can be truly unique.

Noad Sans has a large character set of 570+ glyphs, covering the vast majority of Latin based languages. In addition to that there are dozens of special characters, punctuation, numbers, and symbols. Noad Sans is equipped with a number of useful OpenType features, such as Case-Sensitive Punctuation, Stylistic Alternates, Ligatures, Fractions and many more.

Noad Sans began as an experimental project, and during its development the spirit of experimentation was at the heart of the project. Thanks to the unique nature of the typeface, it can feel at home in a variety of settings: from web development, graphic and product design to more novel uses like 3D and NFTs.

Noad Sans type family includes 6 static fonts (Mini, Mini Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Extra and Extra Italic) and one variable font. Each style can be purchased separately. There is a free trial version of Noad Sans that can be downloaded free of charge on MyFonts.

For more information on the typeface, feel free to download Noad Sans PDF Specimen.

Foundry Groteskly Yours
Price $8.00
ReleasedJuly 1, 2022
Style Display Sans
Designer Evgeny Tantsurin
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad