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Designed by David Bergsland, Bookish is a slab serif font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by Hackberry Font Foundry.

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This all started with a love for Jenson. Plus, I wanted a readable slab serif for my book design work in InDesign CC

I know there’re hundreds of variations a that theme. But, that is where I began, several years ago. How far it came, as usual, as I wandered through the vagaries of font design, is not unusual. If you’ve read any of my font design books, you know my design processes are quite loose and spontaneous.

I wanted the general feel of a favorite old font, but softer, easier, and more comfortable. I built theses on the same vertical metrics as my Librum Publishing Group. However, this family is not part of that group. I used the metrics because that shows my current taste in fonts.

This family does work with the Librum group—especially as a header companion of Librum and LibrumE.

Foundry Hackberry Font Foundry
Price $12.99
Style Slab Serif
Designer David Bergsland
Licenses Desktop
Web Font