HWT Star Ornaments

Designed by Richard Kegler, HWT Star Ornaments is a dingbat font published by Hamilton Wood Type.


HWT Star Ornaments Regular


Star Ornaments are seen as a long standing companion to many wood type poster layouts. Various manufacturers managed to derive many variations of the five pointed star motif and offered them as a ubiquitous ornament option in almost all of their catalogs. Manufacturers such as Wm. H Page, Morgans & Wilcox, Tubbs Mfg. Co. and of course, Hamilton Wood Type each had their own slight variations. This digital font features almost 100 glyphs of mostly stars, but it also features a unique star border that can create boxes just like the modular offerings of the 19th century. The twist on this digital version is the inclusion of additional connection options that become a unique lettering ‘kit’ that can create typography or maze-like connections using a limited set of component parts.

Foundry Hamilton Wood Type
Price $24.95
Style Dingbat
Designer Richard Kegler
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad