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Designed by Carolina Giovagnoli, Weg is a display and novelty font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Huerta Tipográfica.

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WEG* font is an experimental type system where legibility isn’t the focus.

This project studies how glyphs are constructed and how their ductus can be modified.
I explored how far I can move the limits if I don’t worry about the legibility.
In Weg, letters are built by a single line that connects them, along with words and paragraphs. When weight decreases, the legibility of the signs increases.
This is the first stage. It’s a project in expansion.
The set contains uppercase, lining figures and basic punctuation in three weights: Regular, Light and Thin. The current supported languages are Spanish, Guaraní and English. If you need any other language, please let me know. I would like to expand the character set.

Second stage project

WEG is an experimental in-expansion font family.
Here I present to you the second stage.
I’m planning the first upgrade for middle 2021.
I’m preparing a pattern set for July 2021. Here you can see the first four patterns.
If you buy the font before July 2021, you’ll get this upgrade!
• Second stage April - July 2021: pattern set (first four ready).
• This upgrade will be available on August 2021.

Foundry Huerta Tipográfica
Price $18.00
ReleasedMarch 3, 2021
Styles Display, Novelty
Designer Carolina Giovagnoli
Licenses Desktop
Web Font