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Designed by Jérémie Hornus and Gaetan Baehr, Hate is a grunge and hand display font published by Indian Type Foundry.

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Hate is a display design for Halloween and horror movie posters. While it isn’t an everyday typeface, Hate was developed with the same degree of consideration we’d put into a superfamily. Far from being just a simple font, Hate’s character set contains 510 glyphs. Each letter has three variants available. Combined with the font’s OpenType features, this means that, if you type the same letter three times (e.g., ‘RRR’), you’ll see three different instances. There’s more to Hate than the spooky-looking hairs or roots sprouting out from each glyph. The letters are top-heavy, and this plays out both in terms of weight and width. Hate is somewhat condensed, with narrow counters, a rough drawing style, and sharp thin stroke endings. Letters don’t share exact baselines, x-heights, cap-heights, or ascender and descender settings, and character proportion is a bit caricatural, too.

Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Price $50.00
Fontspring Debut2019
Styles Grunge, Hand Display
Designers Jérémie Hornus, Gaetan Baehr
Licenses Desktop
Web Font