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Designed by Alisa Nowak and Julie Soudanne, Papelli is a sans serif font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Indian Type Foundry.


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Papelli is an informal sans with a feminine touch. It is created for use in advertising and corporate or editorial design. The typeface feels like an upright italic; the lowercase letters are especially inspired by cursive writing. Papelli’s ‘a’ is single-storey, and the ‘v’ and ‘w’ have in-strokes on their left-hand sides. The lowercase ‘g’ has a Danish-style truncated-bowl for a descender (a more conventional, single-storey ‘g’ is available in a stylistic set). Many uppercase letters have playful features; for instance, the bottom diagonals on ‘K’ and ‘R’ have cursive out-strokes, and the tail on the ‘Q’ is very energetic. Papelli’s other diagonals are curved, rather than straight – check out the ‘A’, ‘V’, ‘W’, and ‘Y’.

Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Price $39.00
Fontspring Debut2019
Style Sans Serif
Designers Alisa Nowak, Julie Soudanne
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad