Designed by Ingo Zimmerman, Amhara is a display and exotic font family published by ingoFonts.


Amhara Regular


An experiment: a Latin alphabet modelled on the ethiopian Ge’ez script

Due to a more than 1600 year Christian tradition and the close relationship to the Hellenistic Mediterranean region during late antiquity, there are borrowings from Greek which can be recognized in the ethiopian Amharic script.  Because Amharic is traditionally written with an expanded pen tip, it shows the typical ductus also characteristic of the uncial scripts of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages. So this font Amhara has a somewhat sacramental effect. And, although the individual forms look foreign, the overall picture is strangely familiar.

Amhara includes a number of ligatures which dispose of many non-attractive letter combinations.
Stylistic alternates are available for the letters f g h p t y z.

Foundry ingoFonts
Price $36.00
Fontspring Debut2016
Styles Display, Exotic
Designer Ingo Zimmerman
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad