Maier's Nr. 21 Pro

Designed by Ingo Zimmerman, Maier's Nr. 21 Pro is a hand drawn font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by ingoFonts.


Maier's Nr. 21 Pro Light


Maier's Nr. 21 Pro Regular


Maier's Nr. 21 Pro Bold


A handwritten ”font for technicians“ from ca. 1900. Very geometrical, rigid forms borrowed from the typical characteristics of Jugendstil / Art Nouveau.

This script is found in a magazine from the Otto Maier publishing house, Ravensburg, which was issued sometime in the years shortly before WWI. The magazine is entitled ”Schriften-Sammlung für Techniker: Verkleinerte Schriften der wichtigsten Alphabete“ (Collection of scripts for technical specialists: reduced scripts of the most significant alphabets) and published by Karl O. Maier. The original copy, produced by means of a galvanized plate, is just 7 centimeters wide. It served as the model for technical professions in which, at that time, the captions of drawings were still done by hand.

The characters have been scanned, digitized and greatly magnified. Special attention was given to ensure the ”uneven“ edges, typical of handwritten script, remained effectively noticeable even in the digitized form. As a result, this ”technical“ font retains a handmade touch.
Especially worthy of note are the Jugendstil forms characteristic at the turn of the19th century.

In comparison, many alleged ”ultramodern“ font types of today suddenly look quite old-fashioned.

Maier’s Nr. 21 Pro is suitable for all European languages. It includes ”Latin Extended-A,“ for Central and Eastern Europe incl. Turkish, and even Cyrillic and Greek, too.
The font includes several stylistic alternates as well as a number of ligatures.

Foundry ingoFonts
Price $42.00
Fontspring Debut2018
Style Hand Drawn
Designer Ingo Zimmerman
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad