Designed by Ingo Zimmerman, Palmona is a blackletter font published by ingoFonts.


Palmona Plus Regular



A rustic black letter from the 1930ies — with stylistic alternates.

The high degree of abstraction of this typeface allows it to appear modern, even though its shapes clearly show an origin from Fraktur and Gothic.
The letters present the effect of woodcarving or silhouette cuttings as they are defined exclusively with straight lines and sharp corners.
By doing without any bowls, the typeface becomes a stylistic entity with a decorative effect. Palmona is especially appealing in combination with bold illustrations.

Some of the characters of Palmona are available in one or more alternate forms which can be accessed manually or automatically. Use of these alternates is most easily operated with OpenType-Functions Standard-Ligatures and Discretional Ligatures in the user program.
With Standard Ligatures activated, problematic letter compositions are substituted with appropriate ligatures. Likewise, in certain letter combinations the alternates are inserted. The Discretional Ligatures include additional alternatives.

Configuration of the characters of the Palmona font is according to Unicode ISO 8859-1 (Latin1). Consequently all characters for all European languages with Latin type are covered — including Turkish, the Baltic languages, East European and Scandinavian languages.

Congruent with the time of its origin and typical for black letter typefaces, Palmona also includes a long s as well as — uncommon but definitely reasonable — a capital ß. Both characters are automatically applied with the activation of Discretional Ligatures, and the associated ligatures appear automatically as well.
When using ”long s,“ you must ensure the correct use of the rules for the Fraktur font: ”round s“ is always at the end of the word, also in compound words. For those of you who want to be even more correct, read the corresponding >> article in Wikipedia.

Foundry ingoFonts
Price $48.00
Fontspring Debut2019
Style Blackletter
Designer Ingo Zimmerman
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad