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Designed by Robert Schenk, CemeteryWalk is a dingbat font family. This typeface has three styles and was published by Ingrimayne Type.


CemeteryWalk Regular


CemeteryWalk Bold


Cemetery Walk Art Regular


CemeteryWalk was designed for a cemetery-walking-tour event.

CemeteryWalk was designed for a cemetery-walking-tour event. It features upper-case letters (derived from the font Roundup) on tombstones. It has two styles, a regular style with solid letters on transparent stones and a bold style with transparent letters on solid stones. It is caps only, with the lower-case letters having different shapes for the tombstones but the same letters as in the upper case. The regular style can be overlaid on the bold version to create colored letters on colored grave markers.

Both the regular and bold styles contain a second set of letters as stylistic alternatives. The letters in the alternative set are from the font RoundWhy. Accented characters are included, but only the set on upper-case characters. The third font in the family features what might be called tombstone art. Most of its images are based on designs found on old graves. The older ones have symbolic meaning but more recent images are decorative.

Foundry Ingrimayne Type
Price $5.00
Style Dingbat
Designer Robert Schenk
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
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