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Natalya Swashes is a dingbat font published by Insigne Design.

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Natalya Swashes


Natalya Swashes provides a diverse set of flowing swashes and ornaments originally designed to complement the popular insigne script Natalya.

The basis point for Natalya’s ornate swirls is the golden ratio, and this makes for especially harmonious swashes with timeless appeal. These poised and graceful flourishes can be easily adapted to many design situations, even in situations that don’t call for Natalya Swashes’ script companion. Natalya swashes can be resized and rotated easily without any loss of quality and converted to outlines and modified.

Combine them to form unique compositions or insert them into your copy to create interest.

Foundry Insigne Design
Price $21.99
Style Dingbat
Licenses Desktop
Web Font

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