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Rig Shaded

Designed by Jamie Clarke, Rig Shaded is a display sans font family. This typeface has twenty styles and was published by Jamie Clarke Type.

Rig Shaded is a 3D type family with a geometric sans serif at its heart. As its name suggests, Rig is designed as a framework to support a range of striking 3D effects. 

It has four versatile weights including a unique ‘zero’ weight. Each has two grades of distinctive halftone shading, Fine and Coarse, which emphasize Rig’s solid appearance.

Rig developed from my quest to find ideal letter shapes for a shaded typeface while retaining their geometric principles and legibility. Each character has been designed to ensure maximum clarity and harmony when combined with 3D effects. The extrude and shaded styles have been handcrafted to produce a consistent weight and tone. 

Rig’s character set includes 230 glyphs, supporting 198 languages, including all Western, Central and South Eastern European languages.  

You can buy individual weight packs of Rig Shaded or the entire family for a discounted cost. See the Specimen for Rigs design features, additional examples and tips on using the typeface.

Note: Rig’s shading styles have a high level of detail so may process more slowly in some applications.

Foundry Jamie Clarke Type
Fonts 20
Released 2017
Style Display Sans
Designer Jamie Clarke

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