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Classification JNL is a display sans and art deco font published by Jeff Levine Fonts.

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Sometimes it’s easy to find a name to fit a font design, other times it’s a struggle because of the sheer number of digital fonts available and the number of names already taken.

Classification JNL stretches a point to arrive at its name.  The attractive sans design was found as a hand-lettered title on a piece of vintage sheet music called “My Hawaiian Souvenirs”.  During the 1940s, the popular mode of travel to other countries was by steamship.

Steamship passengers were assigned their accommodations by the type of passage they booked (such as First Class and Tourist), thus they were in various levels of classification.

This aside, Classification JNL is a nice alternative to ‘standard’ condensed fonts for design projects.

Foundry Jeff Levine Fonts
Price $29.00
Styles Art Deco, Display Sans
Designer Jeff Levine
Licenses Desktop
Web Font