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Composer JNL is a serif font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Jeff Levine Fonts.

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There are thousands of pieces of vintage sheet music available for collectors and curiosity seekers.

Prior to the 1930s, a large percentage of them had wonderfully hand-lettered titles on the covers, but gradually there was a shift by music publishers to utilizing metal type for the bulk of their output.

Normally set in all-caps format, certain typefaces reappear in growing frequency and familiarity.

Composer JNL is one such example of a “workhorse” font and has been re-drawn and reinterpreted by Jeff Levine Fonts in both regular and oblique versions.

Foundry Jeff Levine Fonts
Price $29.00
Fontspring Debut2017
Style Serif
Designer Jeff Levine
Licenses Desktop
Web Font