jp DIN Vario

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Designed by Volker Schnebel, jp DIN Vario is a sans serif font published by JPFonts.


jp DIN Vario

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DIN Vario (multi) variable font infinitely adjustable in 3 axes: from thin to black: from Compressed to Expanded Italic Angle: from 0 to 15°
The fact that there are finally user programs that support variable fonts and thus offer the user the possibility to make fine adjustments in line thickness and width without having to deform the characters unnecessarily, immediately thrilled me as a font designer. You can use this technique in different ways. Either they are used to achieve only marginal deviations between small and large font sizes, for example, or, as is also possible in DIN Vario, to cover a wide spectrum between thin and black, narrow and wide and in a third axis even a stepless italic angle between 0 and 15°. This task places special demands on the designer and not every type face is equally suitable for this, because shapes must be designed at the respective extremes, which provide a correct result in every possible intermediate interpolation. It was a particular concern to me that the italic angle should also be infinitely adjustable, because how many times have one thought: why exactly 10°? What about 9° or 12°? This can only works with a few fonts with high quality and without loss. DIN Vario, however, is suitable for its robust design, really perfect for this new technology. In order to be able to react additionally to individual requirements, it is possible to change the form of the “a” and “g” from double-storey to single-storey and vice versa by setting the corresponding style-set (under OpenType features) not only in the italics, but also in all fonts.

Foundry JPFonts
Price $249.00 $124.50
ReleasedJuly 1, 2021
Style Sans Serif
Designer Volker Schnebel
Licenses Desktop
Web Font