OBO Star

Designed by Juri Zaech, OBO Star is a display sans font family published by Juri Zaech.


OBO Star Regular

$19.00 $14.25

OBO Star is a fat, subtly flared display typeface with a not so subtle groove factor. The letters are based on a square and do not have ascenders or descenders. This way the typeface can be used for horizontal and vertical settings, or mixed like crosswords. There are a few exceptions for certain punctuation and special characters that are half the width for better spacing; and the word space’s width can easily be adjusted through OpenType stylistic sets. Talking about spacing, for strictly horizontal typesetting there is the option to turn on kerning to create a more optimal texture across words and phrases. But that’s all just technical talk. The true character of OBO Star is the funky look, amplified by the wide 1x1 format that creates space for unconventional shapes, mostly pronounced in the letters R, K and G.

Foundry Juri Zaech
Price $14.25
ReleasedJune 8, 2022
Style Display Sans
Designer Juri Zaech
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad