Designed by Juri Zaech, Patrima is a display sans font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by Juri Zaech.


Patrima Hatched


Patrima Hatched Outline


Patrima Outline


Patrima Regular


Patrima Bold


Patrima is a contemporary typeface with roots in the past. Specifically in the late nineteen hundreds where decorative type applications were en vogue and dimensional aspects and shadings where heavily used. Patrima takes simplified cues from these designs to make the typeface contemporary and versatile. Its base is a squarish Sans which expands through diagonal hatching to a three dimensional body. The hatching is wide enough for screen applications down to 24pt while remaining detailed for decorative purposes in larger sizes.

Patrima’s different styles can be layered for chromatic results or used – complementary – alongside. As a decorative typeface it lends itself to display applications and eclectic logo designs, it brings a vintage touch to any branding project and elevates contemporary editorial layouts. Patrima comes with a set of catchwords which enrich its typographic texture even further. They are easily accessible through OpenType’s Discretionary Ligatures feature.

Foundry Juri Zaech
Price $30.00
Fontspring Debut2019
Style Display Sans
Designer Juri Zaech
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad