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Designer RD is a display sans font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by Kostic Type Foundry.


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Designer RD Thin


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The fonts Why Square, Just Square and DesignerRound, Latin and Cyrillic versions were created during the bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999. It started when my son Nikola, student of Academy of Applied Arts (at the time) asked me to draw letters from his sketch for some logotype. It was very good and I realized that it could be more than logotype. As there was no other work, I began the Square project.
I finished Why Square in three weights, the war went on, so I made Initials and SmallCaps variants, the war went on, so I did the fourth weight, the war went on, so I did all the four weights in the Cyrillic variant, the war went on, so I did four weights of the Just Square font (which I didn’t plan in the beginning), the war went on, so I did the same in the Cyrillic variant, the war went on, then it struck me that I was annoyed when a font had only four weights so I did four more in both the Latin and the Cyrillic variants, the war went on and I realized that it would be good for Why Square to have its alternative in the DesignerRound font, i.e. four weights again in three variants plus the Cyrillic, and when I was nearly finished, the war ended.

By then I had made 56 fonts; who knows what might have happened if the war had gone on? Several years ago Linotype licensed Why Square and Just Square.

Foundry Kostic Type Foundry
Price $40.00
Style Display Sans
Licenses Desktop
Web Font